Water Sports


The best and safest place to swim/snorkel on Cruit Island is on the safe sandy beach about 300 metres from the cottages. This beach fronts onto the enclosed Kincasslagh Bay and slopes gradually, enabling swimmers to choose the depth at which they wish to swim. Accessible whether the tide is in or out and free of undercurrents. The sandy beach at the little pier opposite cottage no.10 is also excellent for swimming/snorkelling but if the tide is fully in the beach disappears. However you can still swim/dive from the slipway.


In the past we did not recommend the lovely sandy beach just down from cottage no. 6 as this beach shelved rather steeply and also fronted onto the open Atlantic. However, in recent years, following winter storms, the topography of this beach has completely changed making it much safer for swimming/snorkelling. We do not recommend the sandy beaches at the end of Cruit Island, or indeed any beach which fronts onto the open Atlantic.


The enclosed Kincasslagh Bay, with its many small islands to explore is a great place to canoe, as it is generally quite sheltered and access is from the little pier just opposite cottage no. 10. More experienced canoers could venture out round Owey Island and explore the many caves or in really calm and settled conditions could try their hand at canoeing all the way around Cruit Island. As with all canoeing activity, take due care.



Wind Surfing

As with canoeing the enclosed Kincasslagh Bay is an ideal location for wind surfing and is easily accessible from the cottages via Iomaire Bui, the pier opposite cottage no. 10. Those who prefer wider expanses could try Carrickfin beach beside the local airport.

Water Skiing

Again Kincasslagh Bay is perfect for this sport. Probably best to launch your speed boat from Kincasslagh Pier. Go into Kincasslagh village and turn left at Iggy’s pub. The pier is about one mile further on.


Carrickfin beach beside the airport is probably the best local beach…..regular waves but not the kind of rising swell to make it a top class location. For those just wanting a bit of fun the beach right across from the cottages is ideal for the kids to have fun.



For those with enough courage the bridge onto Cruit Island presents a good challenge. Also any of the local piers, including the pier just opposite cottage no. 10 is very suitable.

Scuba Diving

Burtonport is an excellent scuba diving centre. The waters around the various off-shore islands offer exciting opportunities to explore caves and a number of local wrecks. The waters are incredibly clear and unpolluted.