Where do I go for traditional Irish music?

It totally varies according to season and demand. Best to check with the Tourist Office in Dungloe.
Usually there is at least one pub in either Burtonport or Dungloe offering traditional Irish music, or Bonners Bar in Mullaghduff. Failing that, you will almost always hear it at Leo’s Tavern in Crolly. This is the home-place of Enya and Clannad.

Can you fly into Carrickfin Airport and hire a car locally?

Yes, there is a twice daily return flight from Dublin to Carrickfin Airport, about 10km from cottages, telephone : 074 9548284. You can also hire a brand name car locally, telephone : 074 9548469. There is also a three times weekly flight from Glasgow to Carrickfin.

How far to the nearest Restaurant?

The nearest restaurant is the Viking House, 3km. There are several very good restaurants in the fishing village of Burtonport, about 8km from the cottages, several more in Dungloe, about 10km from cottages and a very fine restaurant in Annagry, 10km from cottages.

How far to the nearest Pub?

The nearest pub is in the clubhouse of Cruit Island Golf Club, which is open to the public and is about 1km past the cottages at the end of Cruit Island. The next nearest is the Viking House at the entrance to Cruit Island and about 3km from the cottages.
The nearest old-fashioned one-room pub is either “Iggy’s” in Kincassleagh or “Paddy Neili’s” Country Inn, each of which is about 4km from cottages. Iggy’s offers excellent sea food lunches in season.